I am Beautifully Broken. Circumstances of Life have destroyed me many of times, and I know that’s a never ending battle.  Through the sacrifice Jesus made, purchasing all of us with His blood, I am not defeated and will not be defeated. I am the daughter of The One True King. I have faced many trials and have overcome so many hurts and tragedies in my life, through the power of Jesus Christ, the Lord of MY LIFE and SOUL. I am a survivor and a fighter that will never give up, on winning souls to Christ. Through my testimony, I will be a light unto the world, shining the light of Jesus into the darkness. I am working on completing the testimony of my life. It will take time to complete and give God all the Glory He deserves. “I want my history to be his legacy…and show the world what He’s done in me.” I am new to blogging, so bare with me, please. I’m a work in progress…God’s not finished with me yet. He’s only beginning. Welcome to my journey of being Beautifully Broken, but Not Defeated.

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